Pacquiao vs Broner, Live Fight, Date, Time, Location

You already know that the date for the epic fight is January 19. Initially Pacquiao has advocated that the fight will be either on the 12th or 19th of January. Now it appears that the date is a settled issue. Even Pacquiao said that he is ninety percent sure that the fight will hold then it is a concluded issue that it will in Las Vegas. For many fans this is a welcome development. This is because Pacquiao was virtually on exile from America because of the recent fights he did not take place in America. Now that he is coming back to America and to Las Vegas, this is a welcome development.clickhere!

Pacquiao vs Broner

As regards the time of the fight, it usually takes place around 8 pm. This norm will not be different. It is not yet clear whether this fight will be the only one on the card. There are chances that there are other fighters on that card. If that is the case, it means that other fights can go while the main event will come later. The time for the fight will not shift from the normal time of 8,00pm. However the time the major fight will take place depends on other fights in that card.

It is already known that the fight will take place in Las Vegas in Nevada. When it comes to big bout like this one, Las Vegas has always been the popular choice. The choice for Las Vegas is understable. It has all the facilities on the ground and this can help boxers to perform. Moreover, millions of fans are located in Las Vegas. It is a good opinion to take the fight to place where there is the market. Many Las Vegas residents will like to watch such fights whenever it takes place. Las Vegas is a great way to watch such a fight.

Las Vegans have been expecting this fight for a long time. It remains a good opportunity for many people who were expecting this fight for years to have the dream fulfilled. The fight will take place in Las Vegas and it will still hold on the date agreed for it.

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